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Our company is specialized in lemongrass farming, supply and sales in Kuantan, Pahang. Our supply is ideal for any markets, supermarkets or small industries.

Lemongrass Species

Lemongrass (or 'serai' in Malay language) is widely used as a culinary herb in Asian cuisine and also as medicinal herb in India. It has a subtle citrus flavor and can be dried and powdered, or used fresh. It is commonly used in teassoups, and curries. It is also suitable for use with poultry, fish, beef, and seafood. It is often used as a tea in African countries such as Togo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Latin American countries such as Mexico.

Lemongrass or cymbopogon citratus (botanical name: Cymbopogen citratus) is Evergreen herb plant, known also as sereh packed (Indonesia), takrai (Thailand), lemongrass (English). The plants cymbopogon citratus (cymbopogen citratus) believed to have originated from Sri Lanka and has been prevalent in the area of tropical gardens, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Tanzania, Brazil, Guatemala and China. This plant is often used in cooking community Asian cuisine in particular Thailand,Cambodia,Vietnam) and Caribbean.

In Malaysia,  lemongrass (in Malay is known as Serai Kampung), is widely used for traditional cooking and medicine. In culinary sector, lemongrass is the main ingredient for traditional Malay dishes such as rendang, singgang and nasi lemak. It is also the main item for thai-dishes such as tomyam.

Our Lemongrass Plantation

Our lemongrass plantation is situated at Kg Katu 6, Kolek, Sungai Lembing, Kuantan. 

Our Product for Sale

Lemongrass (Serai Kampung)

100 lemongrass per packet, ready for sale

Lemongrass packaging at our plantation

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